Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A quick visit to Birmingham!

On Thursday October 7th, Rob and I had to travel to B'ham for an appointment, once we got done we headed over to my sisters house to see her and the twins. This was the first time that Rob met the twins! I was so glad that we were able to stop by. We had a very nice visit, it just wasn't long enough. They are changing every day. We also got to see my sister Sara which was a nice treat. I was so happy that we had to go to b'ham that day. It is always wonderful when I get to see my sisters and Ellen & Cole!

(Rob holding Cole)

(sleepy Ellen)

(Precious Cole looking at his Aunt Darlee(me)...story to come on that name later)

(Sweet Ellen, I love those big beautiful eyes!)

Ok that is all of my pictures for now. More pictures and a new post coming soon!


  1. Loved seeing you and Rob with those precious babies! Mom

  2. Im very anxious to hear hwo your sis is doing with TWINS! I cant imagine! They sure are sweet !

  3. We loved having y'all! You got some great pictures. I'm trying to sort through mine now so I can get them on the blog.