Wednesday, July 6, 2016

My Crossfit Journey!!

I have been doing Crossfit for ONE year now and have never felt better in my life. I was the person that NEVER saw myself doing Crossfit, I thought Crossfit wasn't for me. Let me tell you a little bit about my Crossfit journey.

In high school and college I never really had an issue with my weight. Once I had kids is when weight issues really started. I had countless gym memberships that were a BIG waste of money. I would go 2 or 3 weeks sometimes for a month and then quit going. I would try eating less thinking I would lose a little weight that way. I tried Weight Watchers for a while which I really liked but I didn't stick with it. Finally I got complacent. I had two babies, I was busy. I felt like I had no time for anything much less working out. So I just said to heck with it, I'm just going to be fat. And my version of fat and someone else's version might be different, but for me I was fat and unhealthy. Right before we had our second child my husband tried Crossfit and he loved it. He is very athletic so Crossfit was right up his ally. He lost so much weight, got healthy and looked great. Deep down I was jealous.  He would talk about Crossfit and I would usually roll my eyes, I didn't want to hear about it. When I think back to it, it was because I was jealous he had time to workout and I didn't, or at least I felt like I didn't.

In June of 2015 Crossfit Ilium had a free ladies night called WOD and Wine. I had a friend who asked me to come and just try it. So I went, by myself, I went and I had a good time. So they had door prizes and I ended up winning one of them which was a free month of Crossfit. I got home that night and told Rob and he just laughed. I told him well I guess I have to at least give it a try now. I decided to start their Foundations class at the beginning of July.

On July 6, 2015 I decided to give Crossfit a try. I was SO nervous! I pulled up to the gym that evening for my first foundations class and I sat in the car and texted Rob and asked him if I had to go inside. I was stepping completely out of my comfort zone. I didn't have a friend starting with me, I was by myself. I took a deep breath and I walked though that door. Looking back on it now, that's the first step, walking through that door! I started my first Crossfit foundations class with two young college guys, talk about feeling out of shape...ha! The first class wasn't too bad, and when I say too bad, I mean it was basic information nothing too complicated. The foundations classes were 3 nights a week for two weeks. Each day got more intense with more movements that I never done before. I have never picked up a bar in my life that I can remember! There was one foundations class I remember crying. I cried because it was so much information and I am a perfectionist and I couldn't get the movement down and it was frustrating me. I made it through all of my foundations classes and I remember telling Rob there was no way I was going to remember all the movements I just learned. On that following Monday July 20, 2015 I went to my first Crossfit class. I went to the 5am class and I remember being so nervous, I was thinking what if I can't do this, what am I getting myself into, everyone is so much better than me, just breathe! I remember everyone was so friendly and helpful. That day I made it through my very first Crossfit WOD and I felt good.

I started off by going 3 days a week and after a while it changed to 4 days a week. I go at 5am every morning and I love my 5am crew.

Crossfit is absolutely one of the best things that happened in my life, other than getting married, and having my kids, being healthy and feeling good is amazing. I have never met a group of more supportive people that always push you to do your very best. It wasn't long after I started at Ilium we had a workout that required running and burpees, I hate burpees. Of course I was the last one finished and I'll never forget one of my 5am friends (Brooke)  pushing me, actually getting down on the ground and doing the last set of burpees with me to help push me along. I can't tell you how much that meant! To have someone there pushing you, knowing that you can do it and supporting you all the way is pretty amazing. Never did I ever have anything like that when I just had a regular gym membership. To have that accountability is amazing. Since I've been in the 5am class for a year now, if one of us is not at the gym in the mornings, we are texting making sure that you are ok. I have made some of my best friends through Crossfit and I am thankful for each one of them!

I went into Crossfit with the mind set of, I am going to my very best! I am not a competitor so I am not in there trying to compete with anyone nor did I go in with the mindset that I had to keep up with every one. I do the best I can do, not the best someone else can do. If I am doing my best and pushing to get better, I am happy! When I started the 5am class, all the people in my class had been doing Crossfit WAY longer than I had and they were in good shape. That did not intimidate me, that pushed me, it pushes me to do better because one day I want to be where they are, I want to be as fast and as strong. Watching them lift, seeing how strong and fast they are, motivates me! For the longest, I was always the last one to finish the workouts and most of the time I still am now, but that does not bother me because I know I am doing the best I can do.

This year I competed in the Crossfit Open, our gym does this thing called Friday Night Lights. We get together as a gym and do the Open workouts together. We are put into teams and we compete as a gym. I was so nervous going into it but it ended up being a lot of fun and an awesome way to bring everyone in the gym together. We all work out at different times so a lot of the people that go to the gym I don't normally see. Doing the Open made me realize 1: how awesome our Crossfit family is 2: that I can push myself. I did a few of the Open workouts RX and even though it about killed me, after wards it was the best feeling ever. Our last Open workout 16.5 was 21-18-15-12-9-6-3 reps for time of Thrusters (which I hate) and over the bar burpees. The RX weight for women was 65lbs which was a lot for me, especially having to do that many thrusters. Well, I ended up RX'ing it, I was literally about to die when the gym rallied around me pushing me to finish and make it through. While doing the workout I just looked at them and thought your crazy, I'm about to die, but seriously when it was over and I finished that workout RX I was so proud of myself. Proving to myself that I could do it. That's what Crossfit is all about, supporting and pushing each other to do better!

Never in a million years did I ever think Crossfit was something I thought I could do much less enjoy. I can't imagine my life without it. Being healthy and in shape has made me feel better than I ever have. I love that Rob and I are now leading a healthy lifestyle. I'm happy that we both enjoy doing the same thing. It's fun to come home and have someone to talk to about your workout. The amazing people, the amazing friends I have made by doing Crossfit is truly a blessing. Like I said the first step is walking through that door and once you do you will not regret it. It's truly been life changing for me!!

"Every day is another chance to get stronger, to eat better, to live healthier, and to be the best version of you"

(L) Just starting my Crossfit Journey one year ago  (R) Present day and I've never felt better


  1. You are awesome!
    It is SO HARD to step out of a comfort zone as an adult, so that you not only did it but you did it so well is the best!

  2. Thank you Jessica, that means a lot!! I feel the best I have ever felt!!